Community Fisheries Exchange Visit

This documentary video was produced to portrait the activities and outcomes in this Community Exchange Visit among Community Fisheries to strengthen their capacity in managing their communities and to build the network across the region.
Since 2014, The Learning Institute (LI) has been closely working with community fisheries (CFi) in both regions, coastal and fresh water region, to protect and conserve the natural resources as well as assist them in term of capacity building in order to let them extract the potential benefit from the natural resources with sustainable development under the Strengthening community fisheries management and livelihoods diversification in Cambodia program which has been funded by Government of Sweden through Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC).

After seeing the potential of each community fisheries and their uniqueness in community management strategies, LI decided to create a Community Exchange Visit between the two regions, coastal and fresh water, to provide them the opportunities for discussion and knowledge and experiences sharing.

This Community Exchange Visit is created to serve the purposes of providing the opportunity for those communities to learn from each other and to exchange their experiences to each other as well as to build the network between them.

his Community Exchange Visit is divided into two stages. In first stage, LI brings four community fisheries from three different provinces from Tonle Sap Great Lake including Koh Keo CFi from Kompong Chhnang, Anlung Raing CFi from Pursat, Bak Amrek-Doun Ent and Sdey Krom-Rohal Soung CFi from Battambang to visit two community fisheries at coastal region which are Phum Thmey CFi in Kep which is under LI’s support and Trapaeng Sangkae CFi in Kompot province which is not under LI’s support.

After this first stage, LI brings three CFis from coastal region including Chumpou Khmao CFi from Sihaknoukvile province, Kampong Samaki CFi from Kampot province, and Phoum Thmey CFi from Kep province to visit two CFis at Tonle Sap Great Lake region which are Bak Amrek-Doun Ent and Sdey Krom-Rohal Soung CFi in Battambang province.

Please watch the video documentary to know more about the exchange visit. Thanks.