ICT Outreach Program

The expansion of the uses of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Internet and the vast emerging trends of the uses of social media such as Facebook Twitter and YouTube help contribute considerably to the acceleration of the development in Cambodia. ICTs are the potential means to disseminate information, and share knowledge with low cost of expenses but with high efficiency of quality. The dramatic intake of ICTs plays a pivotal role in providing access of information regardless of geographic or societal limitations in the country.

The ICT platform of Development Research Forum (DRF) of Cambodia called the Online DRF is the central, unifying support resource for members and all elements of the DRF Program—from supporting components through Research Interest Group (RIG) activities to outputs components.  The important roles of online DRF are to provide online resource necessary for research study and research capacity development, disseminate DRF program activities and its publications, and facilitate online discussion around the five 6 RIG themes: Governance of Natural Resource Management, Cambodia and Its Region, Inclusive Growth, Agricultural Development, Social Policy on Health, and Social Policy on Education. The Online DRF is a research community composed of members from various backgrounds namely researchers, students and practitioners from different sectors of work. It is an online resource where those people can meet, discuss and share their research questions, experience and findings with one another. On this website, members can find information about scholarships, research grants, recent publications and opportunities for professional development.