Kavet Swidden Agriculture and Protected Areas

Livelihood change in the context of land use evolution is the theme of a 19-minute documentary entitled: “Adaptation Makes Lives Better”. This focuses on a case study in a community of Kavet ethnic minority people, based in Kok Lak commune in Ratakankiri. Their livelihood changes have been a response to land use evolution which has been the result of state-driven factors pertaining to the change of country regime, government policy reform and government integration. These factors have affected the Kavet people’s rights to traditional land tenure, food security, and their traditional practices of swidden agriculture. Faced with these challenges, the people have been compelled to make changes to their livelihoods in order to survive. The documentary highlights the major findings of a research project focusing on the differentiation of swidden agriculture in Northeast Cambodia, as the Kavet people have adapted in response to the challenges. Several recommendations are made to support this group of people, and to guide them and other stakeholders in identifying more effective strategies for adaptation. It puts forward actions and policies that would help the Kavet people to cope in this context of national and regional change.