Pathways of Change in a Coastal Resource System…

“Pathways of Change in a Coastal Resource System: Study from Kampong Trach district, Kampot” 

Most households in Cambodia’s coastal regions rely on fishing for their livelihoods. But they have faced challenges relating to uncontrolled resource exploitation, lack of management in trans-boundary water resources, degradation of the mangrove ecosystem and seagrass beds and rapid economic development. To survive, some have adopted positive strategies – taking advantage of opportunities. Others have responded negatively leaving them vulnerable to food insecurity.

Project 1

This project focused on two coastal villages in Kampot province to analyse the links between changes in the physical environment and social-economic impacts. The researchers identified responses the people had made to, for instance, changes in weather patterns, degradation of coastal resources and the related threat of food insecurity. It also looked at how successful the local Community Fisheries (CFis) organisations had been in helping people in times of need.