Strengthening Community Fisheries Management and Livelihoods…

“Strengthening Community Fisheries Management and Livelihoods Diversification in Cambodia”

In Cambodia the state plays a major role in decision-making relating to the use and management of fisheries. The reform of natural resource management toward community-based arrangements such as Community Fisheries and Community Forestry initiated in the early 2000s, was a response to the failure of large-scale fishing lot management that had been prevalent in Cambodia since the colonial period. However, space for community participation has been limited because decisions about fishery use and management still need the approval of the state, and all Community Fisheries actions have to comply with state rules.

Project 3

The Learning Institute is implementing a four-year project which has been designed as an attempt to strengthen small-scale fishing activities in Cambodia. Its objective is multi-fold: it aims at strengthening the rights of community fisheries members, enhancing the capacity of local youth groups and community fisheries organizations in support of sustainable fisheries and habitat management, and improving the recognition of the role of women and integrating a gender perspective in the development of rural/coastal livelihoods and in community fisheries (and habitat) management. The project works with 7 community fisheries in 6 provinces at Tonle Sap Great Lake and the coastal provinces.