The Community Exchange Visit at Kompot and Kep Province

For these two days (17-18 September 2016), representatives from four different community fisheries from Tonle Sap Great Lake region have been obtaining many experiences and knowledge from two community fisheries at coastal region and at the same time they have shared their ideas and experiences back to the communities they have visited.

During the visit, all participants actively ask questions, discuss the raised issues, and visit the protected mangroves area as well as plan the mangroves. After the visit, representatives from the four communities hold the meeting to discuss about what they have been obtaining and try to find a good way in adapting those knowledge and experiences in their works to improve community fisheries management.

Both communities from Tonle Sap Great Lake and coastal region wish to have more community exchange visits in the future to strengthen their capacity in community fisheries management and relationship among the community fisheries in Cambodia.